This is not just a story about drug addiction, but about a need and desire for a relationship that offers little reciprocity. Let me back up….. I haven’t written in almost two years. TWO. YEARS. I guess I’ve been out of words, although my husband would probably disagree. The truth is, it’s been a weirdContinue reading “LAYERED BISCUITS”


I’m in counseling. I’m also great at intros in case you couldn’t tell. Actually, let me start over… Hi, everybody!! It’s been awhile! I’ve been busy writing books instead of writing blog posts, but I’m back! And also, I’m in counseling. Better? Whatever. I’ll fill you in on why I’m in counseling in a minute.Continue reading “TWO-MINUTE WARNING”


Decisions, decisions. What in the world am I going to wear today? Should I eat those two cookies for lunch or like, a turkey sandwich on Ezekiel bread? Should I go to that event? Should I try yoga? Should I say yes to that coffee date? Should I start a podcast? Should I be aContinue reading “SUNSPOTS AND YOGA”


I wish you could be with me right now. I snuck away to the balcony of a venue I’m performing in Charlotte, NC. I’m watching the team set the stage. They use big words I don’t understand and they do techy things with cords they call cables and screens and pullies and lights and itContinue reading “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”