Hey, everybody. Thanks for coming over today! We’re very casual here. I will go ahead and let you know right off the bat that if you’re looking for some life-changing words of wisdom and insight there is a great possibility you may be disappointed by what you find here. If you are, however, looking for words that are written from a place of sincerity and experience then stick around. Some days I may talk about one of my many personal traumas and what I learned in counseling that day. Others, I may tell you about something I saw on my favorite TLC show or show you a photo from my ever-growing album of my husband sleeping. We just don’t know…
I’ll tell you this – I’m definitely no theologian. I’m actually just an accidental comedian but everything I write here is on-purpose. It is my sole desire for you to feel seen, loved, and part of a community as I dump my lived-out thoughts onto these pages.
We all have a story.

Hopefully, as you continue to visit here you will be inspired to share yours, too, because I promise you somebody needs to hear it.

I’ll try my best to use big words like the ones my counselor uses but I’m not making promises I can’t keep. For now, go grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and settle in for some 5th-grade-level reading. Whether you’re in your three-day-old dirty sweats or your business suit, I don’t care. Just come in with decently low expectations, knowing that the only thing special here…is you. 💕


This is not just a story about drug addiction, but about a need and desire for a relationship that offers little reciprocity. Let me back up….. I haven’t written in almost two years. TWO. YEARS. I guess I’ve been out of words, although my husband would probably disagree. The truth is, it’s been a weird…

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