Can you die of humidity? Is that a thing (yes)? Because if it is then I’ve got one foot in the grave. It’s enough to make me wanna quit life. In Colorado, everyday was a good hair day. I woke up looking like a rockstar every single morning for four years. If you ever saw a bad picture of me while I lived there it HAD to be the angle. But the minute I moved to Tennessee, any bit of cute I had went right out the window – right along with any cool breeze that ever thought about blowing my way.  I forgot how stinkin’ hot it is here, and I wish I could forget again.
And what season is it anyway? I mean, it snows 10 months out of the year in the 719, but at least you know what you’re getting – a foot of snow with zero humidity and lots of sunshine. I go to bed in the 731 asking Jesus to keep us safe from whatever kind of tsunami, avalanche, ice storm, tornado or heat wave might be headed our way. Who ever knows. Mother Nature either hates our guts or is experiencing some early onset menopause. I’m done with her.
I guess the one thing we can say for any season – it will inevitably change. Sometimes once a quarter, sometimes by the minute.  For those of us who like a little spice of life, it’s a welcomed break. For those of us who like predictability, this may pose a problem.

Life is ever-changing too, is it not? As much as we would love to have a peek at the master blue prints, our maker holds them under lock and key. I’m pretty sure He knows that if He ever let me have a look I would be making some major changes. Hence, the suspense. Things have not exactly gone like I had planned. I’ve experienced a lot of hurt in my life – a lot of humidity followed by some pretty harsh winters.
If I had it my way, I would skip all the bad parts and we would all walk around in our happy place 24/7. I would be skinny and be able to eat whatever I want. My children would never smart-mouth me and my house would clean itself. We would live in a perpetual state of fall slash winter from here to eternity. Christmas lights and college-football would stay on year-round. Pumpkin spice lattes would never go away and my hair would look fly on the daily. Summer wouldn’t even be a thing. What is summer?
See, I pride myself on having these brilliant (lame) ideas. Mapping it all out – no room for error. I’ve got this. This is how I want it to go, God. Please and thank you. But the Lord has taught me as of late, that there is only one good and perfect way and it’s His. I make some mighty good plans (and some mighty bad ones), but He orders my steps.
The truth is, I don’t really want to know which season is coming next, anyway. I don’t know if I could handle it. I’m just grateful that the crappy ones don’t last forever. Aren’t you? Good grief.
And while I’m in those tough seasons, those rough waters, I’m glad to know who calms my seas. I know who tells the winds and waves to obey. I’ve watched Him do it in my life time and time again. I don’t need to see too far ahead. I just need to hold the hand of the One who knows what’s coming. He’s got me. He makes better decisions than I do. He knows what I need when I need it. And He knows what you need too.

Do we trust Him? Do we trust enough to let Him lead? We can go kicking and screaming (done it) or we can go in peace – having all faith in the One who knows and loves us best. It’s our choice, and sometimes it’s a tough one. But I’ve watched Him, and He does good work. I’m confident in His ability to orchestrate and arrange my life, and yours, far better than we ever dreamed.

Friends, He sees what we cannot see. We only know part of the story, but one day we will be able to ask Him all the “why’s” we can think of. Until then, will we choose to rest and be content following the day-to-day path He has set in front of us? Sometimes the choice may come easy. Sometimes it may be a moment-by-moment YES. However we choose to get there, l promise to try to embrace the season if you will…humidity and all.

Published by Heather Land

CEO of I Ain’t Doin It. Tennessee girl. Wife. Mama. Cat lady. Enneagram 2. Loves to: light candles, drink coffee, drink wine, write, talk crap, watch The Great British Bake Off and dumb shows on TLC, shop, decorate, travel, eat fancy food, overthink, be real and hang out with authentic people.

70 thoughts on “DEATH BY HUMIDITY 

  1. I needed to read to this. My husband & I have dealt with a shit storm this year. Like it came in like a lion and hasn’t stopped. Just when we think we are gonna catch a break, something else happens and back in the tornado we go and who knows where it’s gonna drop us off at.
    Thank you for writing this and reminding me that I still have things to be thankful for and this storm will eventually end.


  2. I live in Auburn, (War Eagle) and watch your videos all the time. It’s been a rough few months. While this post made me laugh & cry, I appreciate you! Thanks Heather


  3. Just moved from Highlands Ranch 303 to the Forgotten Coast of the FL panhandle, where I don’t even know the area code… still hanging on to my 303. I will cry that river right along with you cause 30 years of good Colorado hair turned into a frizz ball overnight, and never mind that the closest Nordstrom Rack is 5 hours away! Drove to 719 offen… miss it! All of the sudden I have dogs chasing lizards, about a hundred times more hot flashes, and the joys of picking up ‘something’ everyday from the wealth of trees I’m blessed with. I think you are my new best (pretend) friend, cause boy howdy is the sense of humor needed about now. Trying to get settled with half my life in storage, deal with my only child married and moved to TX, a house still not sold in CO, and a plan to build on the coast! All completely first world problems, and some days I forget how dang lucky I am. What a blessing to have found your ‘I ain’t doin it’, and to know I am not the only struggling lippy christian (a label I don’t deserve most days) female out there! BTW, the Divorce… been there too. God bless you and keep blogging, its good for us all!


  4. My summer-hating sister, I thought I was the only one! Summers here in Houston are no joke, lasting all the way into November, but at least I don’t have to shovel snow in the winter. I love your blog! Keepin it real, but funny – what’s not to love?


  5. Thank you so much for your humor, honesty and for being you. It’s so nice to read something that is CLEAN and someone I can relate too.
    Btw I’ve lived in CA my whole life and have always been annoyed when it’s 113 and someone says “well it’s a dry heat” as if it’s a good thing. I saw nothing good about 113 degrees and dry. Miserable.
    Then I went to Florida for a cruise in JULY. I could actually see the moisture in the air. My hair never came out of a pony tail and forget looking cute on the cruise. My face was dripping wet in all our family pictures on the boat. Holy moly, now I have a new appreciation for our dry California heat.


  6. You little squirt! Love you so much and what you go through. I mean, I love the way you tell us. A very fun blog. I’m a fan boy.


  7. Hi, I haven’t finished reading this blog yet- but omg! I’m from Georgia. Moved to Colorado for 8 years- then moved to Tennessee. Still here. My hair HATES it here and I think it is mad I ever left Good Hair Day Colorado.


  8. Love you since of humor and your love for the Lord. I ain’t doing it is genius! You are clever and creative. Truly gifted!


  9. A 303’er myself 23 years in CO from NJ, today’s CO hair forecast: Flat with a hint of static 🤣🤣🤣

    Love your blog, vulnerability and reality wrapped in a sense of humor.


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